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The BOOST Platform by Solarlytics includes two exciting, potential addons.


Up to 6% additional gain

Includes the following:

AI cloud-based data processing

  • Health monitoring
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Machine learning
  • Underperformance analysis with actionable recovery recommendations

Smart IoT power device

  • Normalizes string imbalances to achieve maximum power generation regardless of changing light or temperature
  • Reduces cost of mandatory inverter replacement by 40%


Up to 8% additional gain

Everything in BOOST with:

State-of-the-art maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

  • Cloud-based machine learning software that analyzes string data and continuously improves large-scale solar system performance augmenting the value of BOOST


Up to 10% additional gain

Everything in BOOST PLUS with:

Patented technology

  • Cutting-edge technology that recovers additional energy in partially shaded conditions and augments the value of BOOST and BOOST Plus
  • In research

Knowledge and value

Your journey with the BOOST Platform begins with knowledge and evolves into increased yields and maximum returns.

Solution Description Benefit
Knowledge String level monitoring cloud based AI learning Lower O&M cost, Actionable insights
BOOST Knowledge plus smart IoT power device 3-6% yield increase
BOOST PLUS Everything in BOOST with MPPT 4-8% yield increase
BOOST MAX Everything in BOOST Plus with Solarlytics patented pulsing technology 6-10% yield increase

A seamless IoT solution recovering greater amounts of solar energy.

The BOOST Platform pairs granular data & analytics that inform O&M with automated field devices that optimize yield.

Get a personalized analysis for your portfolio. 


The BOOST Platform includes precise string level monitoring that provides uninterrupted, granular, string-level data.


Solarlytics AI cloud engine utilizes machine learning to analyze the data from the string level monitoring system and provide the precise location of shading, damage, varying voltages and more to continuously improve solar system performance. The data output can be monitored in real-time from any computer or mobile device.


Specific, predictive maintenance intel lowers O&M costs and increases solar plant yield.