The BOOST Platform by Solarlytics: Helping large solar plant customers generate 3-10% more energy without changing equipment, location, or conditions. Solarlytics is working together with solar asset owners to improve the future of solar power generation.

Maximizing Performance

The BOOST Platform fixes string imbalances at large solar plants using a proprietary, smart IoT power device. The result is maximum power generation regardless of changing light or temperature, age of equipment, or location of the plant and a 3-10% net energy gain.

Solarlytics smart IoT power device does not run on black box algorithms but operates based on the physics of the crystalline structure of the photovoltaic cells and a deep understanding of their interactions with a dozen different variables in real life conditions.

Our seamless solution is easy to install and even easier to use. The installation process causes significantly less plant downtime than competing solutions and once installed, operation is automated, so no human interaction is required for functioning. String imbalances normalize within 48 hours enabling large solar plants to generate 3-10% more energy without changing equipment, location, or conditions.

Actionable Insight

Today, large solar plant operators cannot pinpoint problems because they only see general inverter-level data. Preventative site visits to look for issues is both costly and ineffective. Using drone aerial assessment can provide valuable insights but is costly and represents only a snapshot of data across 365 days.

By contrast, the BOOST Platform collects continuous string level data from every panel of a solar installation. The data is sent to Solarlytics AI cloud-based data processing which provides the precise location and cause of underperformance.

Some examples of problems that the BOOST Platform detects include:

Physical damage to the panels, soiling, grass, or other growth, burnt-out shunts

Partial shadowing, faulty connections, inconsistent elevation and misalignments

Solar panels degrading creating mismatched strings which choke power output

Real-time insights are accessible within 48 hours of our BOOST Platform installation. Many customers report learning more about the functionality of their plants than they had ever known before! With informed O&M plant owners and operators can reduce maintenance costs, increase energy production, and take charge of their own asset performance.

Hard Cost Reduction

Inverters installed in the first wave of solar buildout are aging and must be replaced. The BOOST Platform reduces the mandatory cost of replacing aging inverters by 40%! It also provides near seamless replacement, causing significantly less plant down time than competing solutions.

The BOOST Platform can help you optimize your solar assets. Get a customized analysis for your portfolio.


The BOOST Platform by Solarlytics provides solar asset owners with
three sources of value

Yield increase of 3-10%

Actionable insights from string level monitoring system and cloud-based AI data processing

Easy replacement of aging inverters without the need for restringing resulting in 40% cost savings