How Solarlytics can help you:


Underperforming Assets:

Large solar plants are underperforming production targets by an average of 6.3%.

An owner of 1 GW of solar assets will forgo $65 million of profits over the lifetime of the portfolio.


BOOST Platform provides 3-10% net energy gain.

The BOOST Platform™ by Solarlytics is a smart, plug-and-play, IoT solution used to maximize the energy production of large solar installations. The platform introduces an IoT power device that normalizes string imbalances and maximizes large solar plant energy production regardless of equipment, technology, age, location or changing light conditions.

Large solar plants experience a 3-10% net energy gain simply by installing this easy-to-use, seamless, IoT solution.


Lack of High-Resolution Plant Data:

Solar asset owners have limited visibility into the underlying causes of underperformance.

Diagnosing problems by driving to a site or using drone technology is time consuming and costly.


BOOST Platform equals knowledge.

The BOOST Platform™ collects uninterrupted string-level data and uploads it to Solarlytics state-of-the-art AI cloud engine. The cloud engine analyzes the data and provides precise underperformance reports that include the exact location of shading, damage, varying voltages and more. Real-time output is accessible from any mobile device allowing you to take charge your own asset performance.

This knowledge is invaluable! Imagine being able to pinpoint one problematic solar panel in thousands.


Aging inverters:

Inverters installed in the first wave of solar buildout must be replaced – owners of 1 GW of solar assets will incur $80-120 million in replacement costs.


The BOOST Platform™ significantly reduces costs and plant down time during mandatory inverter replacement.

The BOOST Platform™ provides easy, seamless replacement of aging inverters without the need for restringing. Our solution for costs less and causes significantly shorter plant down times than competing inverter replacement solutions.

With the BOOST Platform™ the inverter repowering process costs 40% less compared to alternative options.

The BOOST Platform™ helps you optimize all your solar assets.

Get a personalized analysis for your portfolio.